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From What the Bleep Do We Know     Dr. Quantum \”Double-Slit Experiment\”

Deepok Chopra    \”Metamorphosis\”

Great discussion of the butterfly effect and imaginal cells.

Masuro Emoto The Magic of Water

An interview with Masuro Emoto, which does a good job of summarizing his work with water and how it is affected by music, words, thoughts and feelings.

Abraham The Time is Now

A dose of uplifting, inspiring, encouragement to focus on being in your vortex.

Abraham Abraham Talks About the Death of Jerry Hicks

Discussion of death as you have never heard before.  A treasure for all even if you are new to the Abraham work.

Jane Fonda  Life’s Third Act Lecture At Ted Talks

Fonda at 74 is an inspiration as she discusses the potential for life’s third act.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Mastering the Art of Observation

This is a very important video that will inspire, motivate and change your view of yourself and deliberate creation.

Nick Vujicic Never Give Up – No Arms, No Legs

Nick is an amazing example of someone who lives life joyfully with no arms and legs and inspires everyone who meets him to do the same.

Nicholas Humphrey Placebo:  Cracking the Code

Research and dramatic proof of the power of the placebo effect.

Dr. Kobi Vortman   The Operating Room of the Future

Amazing advances from Israel on healing without surgery.  The future is here now.

Abraham  Things are Always Working Out For Me

Abraham     You Must HEAR This

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement  Here we see Steve Jobs delivering his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. In it he talks about getting fired from Apple in 1985, life & death.


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