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Jul 23

Inside Out – Vibrational Beings

broadcast-tower-drawing with energy indicated

We are first and foremost vibrational beings broadcasting our unique frequency which attracts like frequencies.  The Law of Attraction makes it so.   This illustration is good because it is easy to identify with the ball as your consciousness sending out thoughts and the circles our emotions rippling through space.  What is your resonance comprised of? Is your …

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Sep 04

Momentum and Deliberate Creation

  Have you contemplated the role Momentum plays in your practice of deliberate creation?   Momentum has a life of its own.  Every thought and feeling has Momentum.  Positive thoughts and feelings = positive momentum.  Negative thoughts and feelings = negative momentum.  Most of us are interested in the negative momentum.  Lots of negative momentum …

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Apr 14

Deliberate Creation – The Basic Facts

There are so many moving parts to deliberate creation.  Here are the basic facts about the science and metaphysics behind deliberate creation. One of the first videos I posted on my blog is an animation of the double slit experiment.  It is the foundation for the new science which birthed deliberate creation.  According to Nobel …

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Feb 11

Deliberate Creating As Energy Interpreters

  We are energy interpreters.  We give energy its meaning and significance through our attention to the object of our desire.  Important to understand that when you don’t want something and you keep thinking about what you don’t want that counts as creative energy and the outcome will always be consistent with the Law of …

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