1.  The Steps taken to get there are the same as being there.

Digital Inner Vision Board

Good opportunity to focus and give Attention to your beliefs, visions, dreams, desires .

I did this one for a computer art class I took in 2001.  Only got a B+ because the professor said my concept was excellent, but I got in an over-complicated bind.  This was more true than the digital reflection I had created.  We had to include our name to manipulate the text and there are lots of great programs now that you can use to animate whatever text you wish to include.

1. Picture your dreams and desires and either create, scan or search for images to import on your page.  I used Photoshop and Illustrator.

To illustrate my desire to learn how to create digital images I put a picture of me in front of a computer in a bubble, representing my thoughts which are being released into the cosmic soup of the universe with all the invisible particles, subatomic particles and strings coming out of the top of my head filled with the energies of the thought/feelings.

2.  Begin with where you are.  No reference to the past other than as it reflects  where you are.  My spine is shown with the metal rod and my desire is to heal my spine. That was in 2001 today I would have shown it healed!

2.   The Power of Intention, Thoughts and Feelings

Rice Experiment from The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto

Dr. Emoto’s work demonstrates that the water which makes up so much of our physical body and the planet can be healed and transformed through our own intentions to grow in love and gratitude.

Put rice in three glass jars, and every day for a month say “Thank you” to one jar and “You Fool” to the second jar and ignore the third, and then track how the rice changed over the period.  In the morning , afternoon and evening or whatever schedule works for you speak the words to the jars of rice.

Here are the results of my experiment after a three week period.

Rice Test


The worst decay occurred to the rice that I ignored.  Getting negative energy is still receiving energy albeit negative.



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