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There is a growing Awareness of the links between the fundamental Laws of Physics and the world we see around us. All matter possesses energy and all energy is associated with matter. Life is basically an energy experience. Scientists have discovered that atomic particles respond to Thought (Double-Slit Experiment). When a photon is observed it functions as a particle. When not observed it functions as a wave. What you pay attention to collapses into particle formation, manifestation. Therefore, Thought is the originator of Matter and all that is part of our reality, is the direct result of how we Think, what we Believe, how we Feel, and what we Choose and Decide. It is Science and it is Spirituality. The reason I chose Mental Physics is I am creating this moment and the next and the next. No one else. Not my family, the government or God. The consciousness that is me together with the collective energies of all the other consciousnesses on this incredible planet are the creators of each moment. Accepting this Belief I am realizing the magic and the potential to create a life that is my conscious creation, as well as the responsibility and the change it calls for. So many of us are exploring how we can be more. It is so exciting and yet can be overwhelming. Why do thoughts of fear, not good enough, anger and rage end up creating the daily experience when we could Choose not to.

Join me as we explore and learn steps to a new dance. The dance of my past was somewhat like head banging, moon walking and break dancing. The new dance is a ballet of disciplined elegant movements expressed with rhythmic and passionate energies. There are so many different dances one can choose from to move through a life. Each person bringing to the dance their own unique expression in accordance with who they are. But the steps are universal. We all have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body which we use to create the dance of who we are. It is complex to know and understand how to use all these vehicles of expression.

About Me
Melanie age 4

That’s me at 4 or there abouts.  I don’t remember much of my childhood, but I do remember this outfit.  I ‘felt’ pretty which I also do not remember ‘feeling’ as a child.  I have wanted to write a book to share my experiences about discovering how to deliberately create reality.  It is my passion to become healthy, happy, joyful, wealthy, spiritual, wise and wonderful  and wish we all went to school or had a mentor to learn those skills.  Well, now with the fabulous internet and social media we can do just that.  So I am bringing my energies and passions online in the form of this blog.  Journaling about the present as I continue my journey to self realization and chronicling my past, wherein there is a lot of information on the steps out of physical trauma, emotional and spiritual dysfunction.  Also sharing great information from experts in the fields of health, science and spirituality.  News, research and whatever that relates to assisting all of us in the endeavor to create ourselves and our world as the best expression of who we are individually and collectively.  Enjoy….

Melanie Today


Spiritual Background

Baptized Catholic – attended Catholic elementary and 2 years of high school.

Studied mail order classes with the Rosicrucians in the 70’s.

Attended the Spiritual Science Center Ministry of Diane Nagorka in Washington, DC for 3 years (early 80’s).  Studies included world religions, channeling, laying on of hands, metaphysics, meditation

Studied meditation and Self Realization teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (throughout 80’s)

Studied with Lazaris (workshops, tapes, meditation) (80’s – 90’s)

Today the major influence on my development is against the backdrop of the Law of Attraction as it is explained by Abraham through the great work of Esther and Jerry Hicks, the channeler and distributor of Abraham’s wisdom.

I left out a few other wonderful teachers and tools such as Buddha, Jesus, Maharaji, the Bible, Kryon, The Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah  and Transcendental meditation.

Love and Appreciate all of them….

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  1. Priscilla

    Hi, Melanie:

    I write to ask your permission to use the Kirlian images (tomato and broccoli) in the “Eating for Beauty” article for a book that our nonprofit organization is putting together:


    One of the topics we’ll touch upon is the benefits of raw vegetables versus cooked vegetables, so these images would give a clear visual demonstration of the benefits of consuming organic raw food. Most of our books are generally given free of charge to the public to promote the plant-based lifestyle. Even when the books are priced to cover the cost of producing them, they would still be provided free of charge upon request.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Wendy Watson-Hallowell

    Hi Melanie

    So nice to find a kindred soul! Would love to connect and get your insights and explore a potential collaboration!

    Blessings for the holiday seasons,


  3. Wendy Watson-Hallowell

    Hi Melanie – so nice to find a kindred soul out there. Would love to connect about possible collaboration.

    Blessings to you this holiday season!


    1. Melanie

      Hi Wendy, am open to hearing your idea.

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