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Your Story – All Is Well Even When It Isn’t

The story you tell determines the story you experience.  If your story is about unwanted stuff do not tell that story.  Your next thought may be am I being authentic, real and honest if I tell the story I want, not the story I am living.  This dream story is merely looking at what is with a perspective of the best vision you have of the circumstances.  Idealize it, expect it to be exactly what led to the best story you can imagine.  After all we are merely manipulating the thoughts and feelings, energies and forces to mould a physical creation.  This is thinking the best, while ignoring the worst.

This 12-Step Thought Equation requires the Belief that All Is Well, Even When It Is Not.  Can you believe that all is well, even when it is not when you think of terrorism, the Las Vegas sniper?  Everything is created by us individually and collectively.  The frequencies are muddled together in that quantum world.   Like attracting Like.  A Universe of Thoughts and Feelings.

A Universe of Thoughts and feelings

12-Step Thought Equation to All Is Well Even When It Is Not

  1.  Everything is energy which cannot be created or destroyed.
  2. Therefore, Consciousness is energy, the unique vibrational expression that is my mom, dad, sister, friend is eternal energy. Thoughts are eternal.
  3. Creating is an inside job.  Kim Jong-un creates Kim Jong-un, Mom creates Mom, I create me…..eternally.
  4. Therefore we are never done. We have eternity to become the vision we have for ourself and the world.   God, Source, is never done creating.  God creates against the backdrop of All Is Well Even When It Isn’t.  That backdrop with its Perspective holds the highest vibrational vision for the universe.
  5. The highest vibrational vision includes the highest thoughts and feelings, not anger, hatred, injustice and prejudice. The Source of All There Is knowing that everything is vibrational, that Thoughts matter and that Thoughts of unwanted create more of the unwanted focuses on the solutions to achieve All is Well.  Unhappy never leads to happy without the deliberate intent to be happy.
  6. Thoughts of appreciation (even of failures for without problems there is no evolution|solution) and imagination for what is desired is the dream for tomorrow.
  7. The Creator of All There Is says yes always to our desires and when we lose hope and become discouraged he will be holding the vision of our All Is Well reality.
  8. In order to experience All Is Well we have to think thoughts of all is well. It isn’t about the creation it is all about the journey.  The journey is eternal and the destination is evolving never to be done.
  9. Realizing all is not well is the vehicle to choosing All Is Well.
  10. Looking for All Is Well as a result of not being well will create all is well.
  11.  The path to getting there is the same as the path to being there.
  12.  The path to All is Well is looking for the path to how this can possibly lead to All Is Well.


Did the Not Well realization create a Desire for Love,

A Desire for Caring and Compassion,

A Desire for Peace,

A Desire for Unconditional Love,

A Desire for Freedom,

A Desirefor Goodness,

A Desire for Forgiveness,

A Desire for Hope;

Then All Is Well Even When It Isn’t.

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