Sep 20

Super Heroes | Chi Masters | Ordinary People

This blog post Contemporary Heroes and Heroines has wonderful quotes and pictures of all kinds of heroes and heroines.  Heroes and Heroines are everywhere.  It is inspiring to ponder the path of the heroe.  A choice to serve in the military is a choice of a heroe.  To overcome illness is the choice of a heroe.  Every story can have a heroe.  It is a Choice for excellence in some aspect of being you.  Chi is your power but you may not be aware of it. Once you watch these you will understand we all have chi.  These Masters have mastered using it.

QiGong Master

QiGong Master

One of my heroes is Dr. Joe Dispenza who is involved in the  “Heal”  Documentary.  Here is the movie trailer.  Watching this can also change your life forever with information about the possibilities of Beliefs and the raw materials of reality creation; thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perspective, choices, decisions and so on.

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