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Information for Citizens of the Quantum Sea of Probabilities


Earth in Sea of Probabilities

We are all citizens of the Sea of Probabilities.  That invisible energy field with the raw materials of physical creation that are affected by your observation, focus and attention.  This sea of all possibilities and probabilities from which you will attract and then experience.  If you ever wonder why something happens, or you blame others for your reality, then you will benefit from understanding this quantum world.

citizens of the sea of probabilities

A lot of us don’t pay any attention to this energy field.  Each moment we are spewing our thoughts with their accompanying feelings into this sea of probabilities and not realizing that those thoughts and feelings are attracting like energies to you.  Think of your place in the sea of probabilities as your ‘playing field’.  Every moment,  the energies of your thoughts and feelings are in that moment determining your playing field.  Your vibration is you and it is your reality.  As Dr. Joe states,  your Personality is creating your Personal Reality.

present moment field of play vibrational being energy centers


Information about the Sea of Probabilities

1. The Law of Attraction is at play in the Sea of Probabilities.  “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”  Love attracts Love and Fear attracts Fear.  Review the Emotional Scale here.

We are so free we can choose bondage.

“That is:

  • The freedom to create your reality as you see fit
  • The freedom to experience your choice and the consequences thereof
  • The freedom to tap into “future possibilities” through imagination and decide which one you want to go for
  • The freedom to experience yourself as a soul in a body who makes choices
  • The freedom to give up your freedom to others or to models of the world that tell you you have none

This could all seem like some meaningless philosophical debate except for one thing: it profoundly impacts happiness and functionality as we live here in the 3D. ”  Morgan Giddings, Phd Blog, Redefine Your Reality

We are free to think our thoughts.  So it is up to us to be deliberate about the energetic quality of our thoughts.  We always have a choice.

The Power of Choice – One of my favorite inspirations for the power of choice was Viktor Frankl’s observation and experience of choice in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist prior to World War 2.  His best selling book Man’s Search for Meaning originally published under the title Say “Yes” to Life:  A Psychologist Experiences the Concentration Camp,  which chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate, which led him to discover the importance of choice.  Choosing to live, choosing to die, finding the meaning in all forms of existence.  Frankl went on to become one of the key figures in existential therapy.

Nelson Mandela is another who transformed anger to love.  In The Book of Joy,  Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains how suffering can be ennobling rather than embittering and that the difference lies in whether we are able to find meaning in our suffering. He goes on to say; “One has learned in very many instances, “that for us to grow in generosity of spirit we have to undergo in some way or other a diminishing, a frustration.  You may not always think of it as being so.  There are very few lives that just move smoothly from beginning to end.  They have to be refined.”  The author questions; “What is it that needs to be refined?”  Tutu replies; “Our almost natural response is, When I’m hit, I hit back.  When you have been refined, you want to find out what it is that impelled this other one to do what he did.  And so you put yourself in the shoes of the other.  So it is almost an axiom that generosity of spirit seems to require that one will have had setbacks to remove the dross.”

The Book of Joy has a chapter on Suffering and Adversity:  Passing through Difficulties to which the Dalai Lama explained, “There is a Tibetan saying that adversities can turn into good opportunities” and another “It is actually the painful experiences that shine the light on the nature of happiness.  They do this by bringing joyful experiences into sharp relief.  You can see this in an entire generation that has experienced great difficulties.  When you got your freedom, you really felt joyous.  Now the new generation, who are born after, they don’t know the true joy of freedom, and complain more.”  Both the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu agreed suffering is what makes you appreciate the joy.  According to the Law of Attraction the contrast (unwanted, unintended consequences and creating by default) provides the experience so you can choose wanted from unwanted.  Identify unwanted and move to what is wanted.  Focus on what is wanted not on what is unwanted.  I cannot stress this enough.

2.  Momentum is the Law of Attraction in Action.    We think of it as on the move and it is going to take some effort to stop.   A team that has a lot of momentum is really on the move and  is going to be hard to stop. Momentum is a physics term; it refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. A sports team that is on the move has the momentum. If an object is in motion (on the move) then it has momentum.  Thoughts and Feelings also have momentum.  Read post on momentum here .

The team, the nationality, the religion, the political party all have momentum.  Creating is the process of creating and destruction.  Everything is in the state of becoming through observation.  Observation is arbitrary based on the observer.  If something is not working create it different.

Check out this video explanation of The Double Slit Experiment.  Quantum physicists discovered electrons exist simultaneously in an infinite array of possibilities or probabilities in an invisible field of energy, and only when an observer focuses attention on any location of any one electron does that electron appear.  This phenomenon  is referred to as “collapse of the wave function” or the “observer effect”.   Therefore, a particle cannot manifest in reality until we observe it.  Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles, which exist as pure potential while they are not being observed.  To observe something that makes you unhappy no longer makes sense.

So in the Sea of Probabilities thoughts which persist, such as habits, will have more momentum and require  greater effort to change.  This is certainly the case for addiction, mental illness, physical illness and poverty. The complexity of consciously breaking the habit of being you is presented with tremendous clarity and detail by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book of the same name.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, “In the quantum model, the physical universe is an immaterial, interconnected, unified field of information, potentially everything but physically no thing.  The quantum universe is just waiting for a conscious observer (you or me) to come along and influence energy in the form of potential matter by using the mind and consciousness (which are themselves energy) to make waves of energetic probabilities coalesce into physical matter.  Just as the wave of possibility of the electron manifests as a particle within a specific momentary event, we observers cause a particle or groups of particles to manifest physical experiences in the form of events in our lives.  This is crucial to understanding how you can cause an effect or make a positive change in your life.  When you learn how to sharpen your skills of observation to intentionally affect your destiny, you are well on your way toward living the ideal version of your life by becoming the idealized version of your self.”   Breaking the Habit of Being You

3.  In The Sea Of Probabilities You Are What You Choose to Observe 

As I observed the Women’s March, January 21 in Washington, D.C. and other cities, I observed both anger and peaceful protest.  I thought if they knew how this Sea of Probabilities functions they would not bring their worry, fear and anger to the demonstration; but their hopes, dreams, and desires.  They would project into the Sea of Probabilities the desire for the preservation of Choice for Women even if it involves a choice for an abortion.  It is our freedom to choose. It doesn’t mean that thought is the best thought but it is the freedom to choose.  A pro life choice is a wonderful choice.  It is the Yes that Frankl experienced amidst an experience of great destruction of life. So while we preserve choice we share information on the quality and power of a choice.  If the choice was not to get pregnant,  were measures taken to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?  How much personal responsibility was there to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?  No judgment here but that could impact on the quality of the observation.   In the Sea of Probabilities is the diversity everyone is talking about.  How do we manage our desires here.   Listen here to Abraham discussing Trump and the election results with a deliberate creator certain of a Clinton presidency.

4.  There is only inclusion in the Sea of Probabilities

All thoughts and feelings exist in the Sea of Probabilities.  When you say no to something unwanted and continue to focus on all the reasons you don’t want it the energy attracts more of the unwanted.  Just as when you say yes and focus and observe why you want it.  There is no right or wrong with the Law of Attraction.

We are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe.  So fellow citizens of the Quantum Sea of Probabilities, our reality is the result of our collective and individual mindful attention/focus.  “The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Since every potential in the universe is a wave of probabilitity that has an electromagnetic field and is energetic in nature, it makes sense that our thoughts and feelings are no exception.  I find it a useful model to think of thoughts as the electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings as the magnetic charge in the field.  The thoughts we think send an electrical signal out into the field.  The feelings we generate magnetically draw events back to us.  Together, how we think and how we feel produces a state of being, which generates an electromagnetic signature that influences every atom in our world. ” Dr. Joe Dispenza

What are you broadcasting into the Sea of Probabilities?  Good thoughts, helpful thoughts, or bad self destructive thoughts.  Be careful what you think.  Only think the best.

It's All in Your Hands

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    I love the last part, “Only think the best.” What a powerful message!

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