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The Power of Perspective in Deliberate Creation


A perfect perspective for someone embarking on a great expedition. Deliberate in its encouragement to be bold and begin it now. The Power of Now if where its at and Now benefits tremendously with a Perspective that all is well even when it isn’t. Our intention is to deliberately create our desires, dreams, etc. The only way to accomplish that is to use every moment processing unwanted and shifting your focus to wanted.  The unwanted is where all the solutions are created.  The unwanted gives birth to inspiration, desire and evolution.

Abraham 2016 exchange.

Hot Seat:  Hello, this is a statement about a love affair that I have and my appreciation for Perspective.

Abraham:  Perspective means a lot.

Hot Seat:  It’s everything

Abraham:  It is the most important tool of a deliberate creator.

Listen to complete conversation here.

There are positive and negative aspects to all creation.

positive-negative-aspects demonstrated as continums that you choose to focus on


The clarity feels so good understanding that contrast (unwanted) is the birthplace of solutions, inspirations and evolution.  That everything is always working out, right. Bad is relative to your perspective.  Creation and destruction go together.  Always the next best idea, solution, understanding gives birth to the improved creation.  Use that Perspective for all creating and you will be flying high.

wealth perspective

The most important law of the universe is the Law of Attraction.    We are vibrational beings first and foremost and as such we are attracting When we say Yes and we are attracting when we say No.

Personal Example of the Power of Perspective

I had been experiencing headaches and some migraine headaches for several years.  Thought it was allergies, cervical stenosis, cervical arthritis, micro cerebral arterial disease???  I initiated diet changes, air filters, allergy testing, carpet removal, duct cleaning, therapy, acupuncture, miracle work.  Migraines became more frequent.  Went to the doctor for pain medication.  I was feeling in a lot of pain, but more interesting I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to find anything positive to focus on as far as my chronic pain issues were concerned.  A failure as far as deliberately creating feeling good physically.  I called my sister who called my other sister and the word was spread about my negative news.  My perspective was there is no solution to migraines.  I was having a lot of No thoughts and feelings.  The pain had my attention and focus.  Just like there is no solution to the common cold, cancer, poverty, war, addiction or is there?  It is our perspective.  Every problem brings the solution.  Everything works out and one day we realize had we not had the unwanted we would not…..

My migraine solution and the power of perspective.

My sister is visiting with a girlfriend to celebrate her 60th birthday.  While driving together she takes out a vial  of  sea salt and has a lick followed by water.  She tells my sister about how sodium prevents migraines based on the book “Fighting the Migraine Epidemic” How to Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicines by Angela A. Stanton, Pd.D. Lying in bed with a migraine I ordered her book on my Kindle.  Love reading in the dark with my kindle.  Angela Stanton is a migrainer who wrote her Ph.D on her search, journey and solution.  I am still reading it but it is brilliant.  Her personal journey through years of migraine headaches created a solution.

WOW how wonderful is that.  I had a lick of salt, waited a bit had another lick, read about the cells needing a balance of sodium and potassium.  I began to notice an improvement in my headache pain.  What lifted me the most were my thoughts and feelings of appreciation for Angela Stanton.  Her journey which has impacted me in such an uplifting way.  It is always about your thought process.  I couldn’t solve my headaches/migraines but Angela could and did.  So Ask and It is Given.  Believe that.  Expect that.  Be it.  Receive it.  Vibrationally be in the receptive mode.  Align with the greatest and best beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  In a way that is what this blog is all about.  A deliberate thought process to create what you desire.

Thank you Angela, great work both on the inside and outside.

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  1. Angela A Stanton, PhD

    Thanks for mentioning my book; I am glad it has helped you resolve your migraines! <3

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