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A Belief Thought Process For Appreciation

Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs are key ingredients for reality creation.  The quality of these ingredients determine the quality of the creation.  I am really enjoying this process to move myself to higher emotions such as Joy, Enthusiasm, Passion,  Ease and Power.

Oprah has a series on Beliefs right now.  The thing about Beliefs are they are merely habits of thought.  Some passed down from parents and society.  The Law of Attraction and its byproduct momentum perpetuate the continuation of Beliefs.

Beliefs are key to how you feel about everything.  As you will see in this process it only works if you have certain beliefs; like do you believe you create your own reality.

According to Wikipedia:

“Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty. In other words, belief is when someone thinks something is reality, true, when they have no absolute verified foundation for their certainty of the truth or realness of something.  Another way of defining belief is, it is a mental representation of an attitude positively orientated towards the likelihood of something being true. ”  In the context of Ancient Greek thought, two related concepts were identified with regards to the concept of belief: pistis which refers to trust  and confidence and doxa which refers to opinion and acceptance.

In other words, belief is when someone thinks something is reality, true, when they have no absolute verified foundation for their certainty of the truth or realness of something.

My interest in Beliefs for this post is to demonstrate how effective use of beliefs can facilitate a deliberate mental creation from unwanted to wanted.  The basis for this process is the Abraham Focus Wheel which assists in deliberately choosing thoughts with their accompanying feelings to move from unwanted to wanted.  There is a progression of thought/feeling from lower frequency emotions to higher emotions.

Here are some Emotional Reference Charts.  I apologize I don’t know who to give credit for these.  I have used both.

Emotional Reference Chart #1

  •  Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation

Joy:  pleasure, delight, ecstasy, bliss

Knowledge:  awareness, understanding

Empowerment:  be able, have power

Freedom:  liberty, independent

Love:  deep affection, care

Appreciation:  favorable or grateful recognition, increase in value, find worthwhile

  • Passion:  strong emotion, enthusiasm, intensity, fervor
  • Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

Enthisiasm:  strong interest, great eagerness, fascination, excitement

Eagerness:  eneergetic, keen, fervid

Happiness:  fortunate, glad, high spirit

  • Positive Expectation/Belief

Belief:  conviction, firm opinion, certitude

  • Optimism:  positiveness, cheerfulness, confident
  • Hopefulness:  expectation and desire combined, promise, wish, dream
  • Contentment:  satisfied state, tranquil, happiness, ease, comfort
  • Boredom:  dullness, tedium, monotony, dreariness
  • Pessimism:  tendency to be gloomy or expect the worst, defeatism
  • Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

Frustration:  effort ineffective, discontented because unable to achieve one’s desire, disappoint

Irritation:  excite to anger, exasperate

Impatience:  lacking patience or tolerance, restlessly eager

  • Overwhelment:  overpower with an excess of, inundate
  • Disappointment:  frustrate, let down, dissatisfy, saddened, fail to have one’s expectation
  • Doubt:  uncertainty, inclination to disbelieve, lack of full proof, undecided
  • Worry:  be fearful, be apprehensive, anguish, anxious
  • Blame:  assign fault or responsibility, attributing responsibility
  • Discouragement:  deprive of courage, confidence or energy, dispirit, demoralize
  • Anger:  extreme or passionate displeasure, antagonism, irritation, madden
  • Revenge:  retaliation for an offense or injury, vindictive feeling
  • Hatred/Rage

Hatred:  intense dislike

Rage:  fierce or violent anger, violent action, be full of anger

  • Jealousy:  fiercely protective, envious, resentful, possessive
  • Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

Insecurity:  lacking of confidence, unsafe, hesitant, unsound

Guilt:  sinfulness, fact of having committed a specified or implied offense, responsible for a wrong

Unworthiness:  discreditable, inferior, mediocre, unmerited, unqualified

  • Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Disempowerment

Fear:  panic or distress caused by exposure to danger, expectation of pain, feel anxiety about

Grief:  deep or intense sorrow or mourning, suffering, calamity

Depression:  extreme melancholy, often with physical symptoms, reduction in vitality, vigor or spirits, slump

Despair:  complete loss or absence of hope, discouragement, misery

Powerlessness:  without power or strength, wholly unable

Emotional Reference Chart #2

  1.  Love/Ectasy
  2.  Joy/Elation
  3.  Ease/Power
  4.  Confidence/Inspiration
  5.  Excitement/Passion
  6. Anticipation/Eagerness
  7. Enthusiasm/Eagerness
  8. Enthusiasm/Ambition
  9. Hopefulness/Optimism
  10. Interest/Inquisitiveness
  11. Acceptance/Peace
  12. Introspection/Contemplation
  13. Pensiveness/Melancholy
  14. Indifference/Apathy
  15. Unease/Discontent
  16. Frustration/Aggravation
  17. Worry/Nervousness
  18. Doubt/Pessimism
  19. Anger/Blame
  20. Anxiety/Fear
  21. Grief/Desolation
  22. Despair/Worthlessness
  23. Powerlessness/Dejection
  24. Depression/Hopelessness

This process can be used regardless of where you are on the emotional scale.  I choose the emotion I desire, in this example I chose Appreciation.  I use statements  I believe to move myself up the emotional scale to the emotion I desire.

  1. I Believe I am broadcasting my unique vibration into the sea of possibilities.
  2. I Believe my reality is the result of Law of Attraction.
  3. I Believe that attention to what is pertetuates unwanted as well as wanted.
  4. I Believe that all is well even when it isn’t.  Contrast and diversity are essential for the expansion and evolution of All That Is.
  5. I Believe we are all vibrational beings experiencing momentum and habits of thinking and feeling.
  6. I Believe the contrast is our friend responsible for creating desire and solutions to the ever changing now.
  7. I believe my strong desire creates change.
  8. I Believe anything is possible.  It is in the Sea of Probabilities – Am I in vibrational range to attract it.
  9. I Believe I can focus on things to appreciate.
  10. I Believe I can start with appreciating this process as a predicter of creating appreciation.
  11. I Believe there is always something to appreciate.
  12. I believe when I choose to focus on appreciation I am appreciating.



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