Jul 23

Inside Out – Vibrational Beings

broadcast-tower-drawing with energy indicatedWe are first and foremost vibrational beings broadcasting our unique frequency which attracts like frequencies.  The Law of Attraction makes it so.   This illustration is good because it is easy to identify with the ball as your consciousness sending out thoughts and the circles our emotions rippling through space.  What is your resonance comprised of? Is your attention focused on  what is and on your desires/dreams.  Broadcast how it will Feel when you manifest the desire.   Be happy (in the absence of your desire), expecting, (knowing you will create your desires).  It is Law, That which is Like Unto Itself is Drawn, no exceptions.

Illness attracts Illness

Wellness attracts Wellness

The bridge between is filled with thoughts and feelings.  Lots of paths to change the frequency.

Check out this segment posted on YouTube by Travis Eric from Asheville 4/2015.




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