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Infinite Possibilities

Love this Introduction to Mike Dooley’s New York Times Bestseller, Infinite Possibilities and think you will also.

“An Adventurer’s Guide to the Jungles of Time and Space”

Not so long ago, in the nether reaches of ad infinitum, there formed a council of fearless explorers–adventurers much like you–who had become bored with perfection, infinity, and unending bliss.  Whatever it was they wanted, they got.  However they wanted to change, they did, and whatever they wanted to be, they became.  Their existence had become so “same old, same old” that they hardly felt like the great Adventurers they were.  It wasn’t enough, they agreed; something had to be done.  So, being who they were, they decided to invent an entirely new dimension for their reality.

“Well, new dimensions, even for these Adventurers, don’t get invented very often, so you can imagine their excitement as they began to explore the vast new possibilities that suddenly lay before them.  And this dimension was especially exciting because it made possible the previously unthinkable ability of being in just one place, without being everywhere else at once.

“You see, back then, in the nether reaches of ad infinitum, there was only the here and now; nothing else existed.  These poor explorers never had anywhere to go because they were already everywhere!  What their new dimension did was enable them to dim their awareness of everywhere else enough to focus on being a single “somewhere” at a time.

“And now that they could create somewheres, they found they could each devise secret patterns among their somewheres to play games and conduct experiments.  In fact, they did this so often that they began referring to this new dimension as the Secret Pattern Adventure for Creative Enlightenment, or SPACE for short.

“SPACE became the new frontier, with lots of possibilities for exploration, fun, and games.  And perhaps the most remarkable phenomenon about SPACE was the startling discovery that it could be filled with their thoughts:  whenever their thoughts were focused and concentrated within their SPACE, they became dense and appeared solid!

“They discovered that they could think big or small, red or blue, hard or soft–whatever they imagined–and their thoughts would then become the same “thing” in SPACE!  These Adventurers had discovered that their thoughts could be projected into this SPACE of theirs, where they would then appear as objects, and they quickly came to realize that they could Manifest Any Thought That Existed into Reality, so in no time at all (mostly because time had not yet been invented), MATTER began to fill their SPACE!  Matter, of course, was the acronym for Manifest Any Thought That Existed into Reality.  (These Adventurers, as you can tell, loved acronyms.)

“Creativity soared as they dabbled, first creating stars and planets and then mountains and oceans.  Everything they dreamed of came to life in an explosion of light, color, and sound that stretched their imagination to the very edges of their SPACE.

“It was all incredibly exciting, except, deep down inside, they knew that something was missing.  As spectacular as their new worlds were, they themselves, the creators of everything, remained on the outside looking in.

“The Adventurers began to ponder how they could become part of the mysterious, enchanting, material worlds they’d created, and in their wondering they asked, “If our MATTER is simply occupied SPACE, and deep down we know that we’re really still everywhere else at once…hmmm…could we possibly exist in the very same SPACE that holds our MATTER?

“Well, of course they could, and as they thought it, they did it, taking up residence “inside” their MATTER, just as if it were a “somewhere,” by dimming their awareness of everywhere else.

“Now, to make things even more interesting, right about then a new game called “hide and seek” was being invented, and, as could be predicted, the Adventurers scurried about and hid themselves inside their creations, where they would not likely be found.  They Hid Under Matter Animated in the Now, because “now” was still all there was (since time had not yet been invented), and henceforth referred to themselves as being HUMAN when they were in hiding.

“It was a great idea, this hiding under MATTER–so great, in fact, that no one was ever found!  So despite their joy in having found a new game to play, they were no longer aware of one another’s discoveries.  Big problem.

“This prompted a call to go out for the need to Trace one another In Material Existene; thus TIME was born finally!  The games resumed, reunions were planned, and the fun really began– that is, until everyone had pretty much “been there, done that!”

“Another idea was needed, and given the Adventurers’ track record, it didn’t take them long to come up with one.  What if, they thought, we all venture out together, in HUMAN form, into the same SPACE at the exact same TIME?  Whoa! This ideas was so monumental, so profound, so colossal that it sent a big bang booming throughout all creation, and it has since been compared to the invention of light itself.

“Well, by now it should be obvious that these Adventurers weren’t your normal, everyday kind of Adventurers.  They were creative Adventurers on a mission–to have as much fun as could possibly be imagined–and to that end, as you well know, they’ve been wildly successful, though they have met up with a few wrinkles that are still being ironed out.

For instance, once TIME was invented, they spent so much of it playing as a creation among their creations that they began to lose themselves.  For example, during their unending games of hide and seek, they stayed HUMAN for so long, not wanting to be found, that they actually began to forget they were also “everywhere else” at once.

“Many more began to forget that they were even Adventurers, and as TIME marched on, they fell into a deeper deeper trance.  In fact, so far did they fall that they began to feel trapped within their bodies and helpless among their creations.  No longer did they notice that they themselves were the ones crafting the objects and events of their lives with their thoughts, though this didn’t change; instead they saw these “things” as something to contend with.

“Unfortunately, a direct result of this naivete led to their first taste of FEAR, which was felt whenever they Failed to Experience the Actual Reality before them.  A scary thing, they soon found out.  No fun at all!  And worse, a whole horde of emotions sprang to life with their every misunderstanding.

“Never in any reality have such  lofty beings plunged into such great despair.  Terror, anger, sadness, and guilt were rampant.  It was a travesty through and through until, little by little, there began a great healing–not from on high or any other such place (though some still say it was a Mystically Incited Reality Adjustment Concealed by Loving Entities); it was a healing that had transpired from within; life ministering to life itself–perhaps a MIRACLE either way.

“It turns out that the Adventurers were learning from their emotions.  For example, if FEAR stems from the Failure to Experience the Actual Reality before you, then at least it serves as an unmistakable warning (to the one doing the “fearing”) that his or her thinking has strayed from the truth. 

“And there was even more good news about these emotions.  It turned out they could also be warm and fuzzy, funny and silly, and even wild and crazy!  And it was their passage through all the emotions, happy and sad, that brought the “Illustrious Ones”  (as they came to be called) their greatest achievement:  an inner Pleasure Experienced by Accepting all Creation as it Exists, or inner PEACE.  Mastered by so few, as it requires a deep understanding of the perfection that exists within everything, every moment, every place, and in everyone, no matter what!

By now, in the present day, all forms of awareness, from everywhere ever thought of, have heard about SPACE, TIME, and the brilliant Adventurers who created it all.  And those who drop by for a look at this little corner of creation are so astounded by what they find that they are changed forever.

“It’s not just the splendor of the planets nor the raging life that thrives upon them, nor even the bold and outrageous thoughts that continue to perpetuate them all that astound visitors.  Observers are left speechless and are downright humbled by the few who have returned from the adventure–those Adventurers who have actually found themselves.

“These are the Illustrious Ones whose glowing radiance and divine illumination reflect an understanding rooted in the unshakable knowledge that all things and events are born of thought, that in TIME and SPACE it’s all good, and that everything, everywhere, always is One.

“Only by losing themselves and serving their illusions could these Adventurers then be driven emotionally–by their burning desires–to reclaim and know the depths of their own divinity.  By truly understanding their reality, they’ve become the inspiration and the ideal for all to follow.

“Having just shared all that, it is a bit amazing to us that more have not joined the ranks of the Illustrious Ones.  Certainly to each his (or her) own; it’s just that they’re all still so caught up in this most awesome adventure of theirs that it seems they really couldn’t care less about “everywhere else”!

“Perhaps you understand them better.  Still, to us at least, it seems a shame that such inexhaustible energy and creative genius is being so thoroughly neglected.  If they could–and we assure you, they can–just for an instant, glimpse their greater reality and see themselves as the omniscient, unlimited, fun-loving gladiators they’ve always been, it would so radically change everything!  Not that they should “return”.  Heavens, no.  We just think that they may have a better….”TIME”, shall we say, if reminded that they themselves are creators.  Don’t you think?

“By the way, we’ve blown the lid clear off your little charade–FOUND YOU!  Now let’s get this party started….”  Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley was an international tax accountant who turned entrepreneur writer for “the Universe”.  He lives in Orlando, Florida where he runs TUT’s Adventurers Club and sends out his Notes from the Universe to hundreds of thousands of email subscribers each weekday.  Mike actively uses the concepts and principles he expounds upon to travel the world, speaking on life, dreams and happiness.

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