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Hypnosis A Powerful Tool For Change

Most of life is habitual. We are habitual beings. You do the same things you did yesterday, the day before and every day, unless you intentionally choose to change your habits. It is estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40. Habits, good or bad and patterns of thinking and feeling make you who you are.

Habits are our brains’ way of simplifying our lives and saving us stress and energy. The trick is to replace a bad behavior with a better one and to deliberately modify our thoughts and feelings to achieve more happiness and health. We all have the usual signs that a life style, behavior or habit needs attention such as weight gain, unhealthy addictions, watching too much TV, a sedentary lifestyle, health issues, etc. Even then we may not have the motivation to change the habit.

In a recent show on anorexia Dr. Oz stated that to change behavior there must be a sense of a future and/or people that you care enough about to overcome the addiction. What if we knew that our consciousness is eternal and that abilities, mastery and the essence of whom you have become in this lifetime was yours for eternity. That whatever and wherever the essence of you is after this lifetime the accomplishments of this life are yours. Talk about having a future that would be a motivation. The vibratory pattern of you in this life just may indeed be eternal. That my be the explanation for a child prodigy.

“When it comes to evolution, change is the only element that is universal, or consistent, to all species here on earth. Essentially to evolve is to change, by adapting to the environment.” Dr. Joe Dispenza. Then there are those individuals who overcome their environment by creating change that is greater than the environment, such as Tony Robbins and Martin Luther King.  Personal change takes an intentional act of will and determination. Such an intentional act is utilizing the power of the subconscious mind through hypnosis.

It is my pleasure to introduce Victoria Gallagher founder of one of the original online hypnosis companies;  Hypnotherapy of Nevada and Multimedia Meditations in July of 1999, now known as HypTalk.com .  I invited Victoria to talk about hypnosis.

“The mind has an incredible ability to make changes and there is simply no limit to what you can change or overcome utilizing a process such as hypnosis. Our lives are often a self-fulfilling prophecy, because we reap what we sow in every sense of the word. our subconscious mind creates the world around us every minute of every day. Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind we go in and out of throughout the day every time we get lost in thought or become engrossed in a good book or a movie.

“Hypnosis is merely a form of focused concentration and nothing more. The subconscious has no ability to make judgments. you can either program it for success or let it program itself, through your never ending self talk or inner critic.  Hypnosis can help turn failures into successes by helping one change their perspective and their state of mind.  When you change your perspective, you change the way you look at your life.  Hypnosis works by helping to reprogram the mind; much like a computer would be reprogrammed.  The subconscious mind absorbs everything around it and it does not differentiate between reality and imagination.  If you want to change your perception and your way of thinking, then all you technically need to do is program in a new set of instructions for your brilliant subconscious mind to follow.

“Your mind then reaches a “tipping point” where it grabs a hold of the new programming, helping you to step into your new life.  Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  What you think about you become.  Your words are important, for they shape your life.  Our words can hurt us, or our words can heal us and when it comes right down to it, our choices create our life.

“The field is expanding day by day and there is much more that hypnosis can do beyond just helping someone lose weight or stop smoking.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of applications and new categories that are being developed and researched all of the time.  There really is no limit to what we can tell the subconscious mind while in hypnotic trance.  All one needs is creativity and imagination in order to achieve their goal.

“Hypnosis can be used to improve just about any area of your life. Basically, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it in every sense of the word. There is no limit to what one can change using the power of their mind. Hypnosis words to help one change thought patterns and behaviors that are set deeply within the subconscious mind. The field of study is very promising and there is no telling what the future might bring. With more research and clinical studies, hypnotherapy may just be one of the first tools a doctor reaches for when diagnosing and working with patients in the future

“All hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis because you cannot hypnotize someone against their will. In order for hypnosis to be successful, it essentially requires three things:  motivation, relaxation and positive suggestions or other kinds of therapeutic technique.  Hypnosis is akin to daydreaming in many ways and every time one gets lost in thought, they are in a sort of self-induced state of trance.  Anytime our minds wander we are in a state of trance one might say.  Anything that causes the mind to drift or wander induces a state of trance, even marketing and advertising.

“There are individuals out there that claim they cannot be hypnotized, but in a sense we have all been hypnotized many times over, we just don’t realize it.  If you have ever stared out the window and gotten lost in thought then you have been hypnotized, whether you realize it or not!

“It has been theorized that an hour of hypnosis is equivalent to several hours of sleep.  hypnosis helps your mind reach the REM or rapid eye movement stage.  When one becomes relaxed as part of the hypnotic process, they will become very drowsy and their eyes will become heavy.  For many of us this is a very natural and relaxing state of mind we experience prior to sleep.  Hypnosis is merely a process that helps prolong this state of mind, helping one make positive changes.

“Hypnosis in essence allows you to program yourself for success instead of failure.  In addition to helping therapeutically, hypnosis can also be utilized to help people improve their life.  Whether or not someone believes in the process or not, it has been proven that it does indeed work, even if the scientific community is still on the fence.

“Hypnosis can help one make changes by helping to attack the problem at the deepest level of the mind, the subconscious mind.  We are whatever we think we are and if we don’t like who we have become, we can change it very easily utilizing hypnosis.

“hypnotic suggestions can be written for almost anything including health, self-confidence, depression, anxiety, and even wealth and prosperity.  Hypnosis can help you become more confident, help you develop better relationships and even help you recover from something devastating and life changing like a stroke.

“Hypnosis is an amazing and incredible tool whose resources we have barely begun to tap into.  If your life is not quite how you envisioned it would be it is easy to change with hypnosis.  our lives are simply a reflection of our subconscious mind so in a sense hypnosis helps us make changes from the inside out.  The conscious thinking mind does not like the process of change, so it is increasingly difficult to make changes utilizing only the conscious mind.  hypnosis words so well because the subconscious does not differentiate between reality and imagination, therefore it belives whatever you tell it!  The subconscious mind tends to be very childlike, and it likes things stated very simply.  It is important to prioritize your needs in order of importance and to only work on one big issue at a time, otherwise you might just overwhelm your mind!

“Essentially, if you want to change your life, all you really need to do is change your programming.  Hypnosis in many ways is a miraculous process and a very simple way to make changes.  It is so simple that in fact many people do not believe it actually works, which is a shame.  Whether you believe it or not, you are affected by it every day of your life every time you turn on the television or listen to the radio.  We are all being “programmed” every minute of every day, whether we consciously realize it or not!

“We can either choose to program in the life that we desire, or let the world program us.”  Victoria Gallagher

Thank you Victoria.  Victoria’s website has a large collection of CD’s and downloads covering topics from weight management and stress to the law of attraction.  She also offers custom hypnosis and a hypnosis suggestibility test which demonstrated to me how quickly you can be prepared for hypnosis.   Hypnosis is my plan for treating a heart issue which is the result of the  habitual use of adrenalin in my case, called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy.




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