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Fine Tuning Judgment

A little treasure written by Charlie Curtis and posted on The Abe Forum.

“Too sensitive, too insensitive? The good news is that none of that exists anywhere except as a fantasy in our minds.

“That is, people aren’t “too” anything, that’s a judgment we add to, superimpose on, reality, that takes us out of heaven.

“People just “are”, and when we look at them through the eyes of source, we see the flame of love burning in every heart.

“What’s fascinating is that you can be in judgment about someone, as sure as the sun rising in the east knowing with every seeming fiber of your being that they screwed up, are wrong, and should change to make you happy, and that you can’t be happy until you get them to do that…and then you can raise your vibration through whatever means…and there are a hundred different means, and they all work… and all of a sudden all of that judgment dissolves back into the nothingness from which it came…and then there is nothing left but love again…a love that never left…but which was obscured by the thunderclouds of fear, anger, and misunderstanding…but now that the storm is over, you can see clearly again, because the windows of your mind have been washed clean.

“When you find yourself caught in a judgment, Byron Katie’s questions always apply…”is it true”…can you absolutely positively know that it’s true”…”how does it feel to think that thought”…”what would it be like not to have to think that thought”…and then turning the judgment around so that your role in keeping the projection alive becomes obvious to you.

“For what you judge another for is always and without exception an unhealed issue in you…for when we think someone else is not sensitive enough, it’s actually our problem…wen we think someone is too sensitive, it’s actually our problem…and the problem always is always that we’re forgetting to see them through the eyes of source…and once you get back in the vortex, you realize how silly the whole thing was.

“If someone habitually judges you, use the abe techniques to raise your vibration so that, first, you no longer judge them back, so that you are no longer lobbing the ball back to them and, secondly, you become unjudgable on that particular issue, which means you are now unhurtable, and then they will either lighten up as if by magic, or else they will disappear and someone else who has no need to judge will appear i their place, and wither way you win.

“When we react with judgment, or when we are judged and react to that judgment, in both instances, we have forgotten that we create our own reality, that we created this relationship tangle with the other person’s help, that they are playing a part in our lifescript, and that we are playing a part in their lifescript, and that we have the power to rewrite our script, and when we do, all is well, and nobody needed to change, all we had to do was change our thinking about them.

“Which is all good news, it means that peace is an inside job, that nobody has the power to take our peace away unless we give that power to them, and that the abe techniques are all about taking your power back, and isn’t it good to know that all of this is totally under our control?

“The most blessed thing is to view someone whom you had formerly judged through the eyes of love, it feels so good to see them as they truly are, without flaw or blemish.

“I come out of the Science of Mind tradition, where they constantly say “God is all there is”, and once you figure that out, everything gets so much easier, for God is good, and if God is all there is, then nothing else is possible, and then you realize that “it’s all good”, and it really is, and that leads to a giant sigh of relief.

“For if God is all there is, when you meet another in any interaction, you are God meeting God.

“And when you hug another, you are held in the arms of the Father/Mother/God, for there are no other arms to be held in.

“And so it is!!!” Charlie Curtis

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