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Power of Thought – The Challenge – Conscious Evolution

Never before has there been so much evidence that our mind matters and that literally our thoughts become matter. It is both exciting and daunting. There are many people who are living examples of the power of the mind over matter. I think an interesting reality show would be The Spiritual Challenge, where you followed people as they pursued their physical, mental and/or emotional makeovers. I guess that is part of the reason why I have chosen to blog about the mind body connection.

Consciousness is the creator of our reality. Talk about the ultimate reality show. Individually and collectively we are creating it all. There is nothing more compelling to me than that.


“We must deliver ourselves with the help of our minds… for one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for the one who has failed to do so, the mind will remain the greatest enemy.” Bhagavad-Gita

“There is an emerging field of science called psychoneuroimmunology that has demonstrated the connection between the mind and the body… Your every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. The brain then releases chemical signals that are transmitted to the body, where they act as the messengers of the thought. The thoughts that produce the chemicals in the brain allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking. So every thought produces a chemical that is matched by a feeling in your body. Essentially, when you think happy, inspiring or positive thoughts, your brain manufactures chemicals that make you feel joyful, inspired, or uplifted. For example, when you anticipate an experience that is pleasurable, the brain immediately makes a chemical neurotransmitter called dopamine, which turns the brain and body on in anticipation of that experience and causes you to begin to feel excited. If you have hateful, angry, or self-deprecating thoughts, the brain also produces chemicals called neuropeptides that the body responds to in a comparable way. You feel hateful, angry, or unworthy. You see, your thoughts immediately do become matter.

“When the body responds to a thought by having a feeling, this initiates a response in the brain. The brain, which constantly monitors and evaluates the status of the body, notices that the body is feeling a certain way. In response to the bodily feeling, the brain generates thoughts that produce corresponding chemical messengers; you begin to think the way you are feeling. Thinking creates feeling, and then feeling creates thinking, in a continuous cycle.” Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind
by Joe Dispenza, D.C.

Dr. Joe goes on to say that since our thoughts produce chemical reactions in the brain, that our thoughts have some effect on our physical body by changing our internal state.  “Not only do our thoughts matter in how we live out our life, but our thoughts become matter right within our own body. Thoughts…matter.”

The challenge to consciously evolve our brain is the New Age and will create the new paradigm as the skills to consciously evolve become part of our training from early childhood on.  In neuroscience there is a concept called Hebbian learning where nerve cells that fire together, wire together.  When gangs of neurons are repeatedly stimulated,  the result is stronger and more enriched connections and nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together.  This is an example of the plasticity of the brain.  Just twenty years ago the brain was thought to be hardwired and unchangeable.  Today we know that we can change, learn, and develop new synaptic connections at any age.

Science is investigating how repetitive thoughts strengthen neurological connections.  Some research I think is so exciting is the effect of the imagination in the brain and body.  This is referred to as mental rehearsal – thinking over and over about doing something without physically involving the body.  Not only does it create changes in the brain but it also can modify the body.  “For example, when test subjects visualized themselves lifting weights with a particular finger over a certain period of time, the finger they had imagined lifting with actually became stronger.”  Evolve Your Brain

I wonder if we will get to the point where we imagine ourself exercising at the gym.  So where do we begin?  If you watched the video, Your Immortal Brain – Mastering the Art of Observation by Joe Dispenza he listed four common components to all people who experienced spontaneous remissions or ‘miracles’.

1.  Belief in a higher intelligence which gives us life, a greater mind, higher self, source.

2.  Thoughts directly affect the body.

3.  We can re-invent ouselves.

4.  We are capable of paying attention so well that we lose trace of relative space and time.

Please join me in reading Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind.  It will be an interesting book to discuss as you apply it to your own desire for Conscious Evolution. Personal change takes an intentional act of will. The brain’s natural capacity of neuroplasticity gives it the ability to rewire and create new neural circuits to break the habit of being YOU.

I am particularly interested in the third component. My spine was damaged at birth so I have a well established neural network which I know can be rewired. Now to imagine myself engaging in activities I have been unable to do.


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