Feb 28

Source of Vibration – Pure Awareness

“A vibration or wave is the simplest expression of energy. Everything is a conglomerate of energy waves that coalesce to create those very forms. Organs, tissues, thoughts and emotions are individual bundles of vibrations that work together to create a healthy body/mind.” Dr. Kinslow


Amplitude is the vertical part of the wave. Add two waves and you get one big wave. The amplitude is called constructive interference.




The process of strengthening or weakening vibrations is called interference. I am going to pass on discussing interference for this post and just focus on awareness which can be a life’s work. Pure Awareness is the Source of Vibration. It is the potential order and energy behind every form. According to Dr. Kinslow in his book  The Secret of Instant Healing nothing gets done without Awareness.  He introduces a simple technique to experience Awareness.  Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and let your thoughts flow.  After a few minutes ask yourself the question, “Where will the next thoughts come from?”  Before your thought stream resumes you will notice a gap and that gap is Source Awareness.  Practice doing this and change your questions like, What will my next thought be?  The ability to experience Awareness does the instant healing.  When vibrations get out of sync, we call it a disorder or disease, and then try to heal it.  Most healing is accomplished by introducing orderly vibrations to neutralize disorderly ones.  Example:  The herbal vibration of while willow bark will neutralize the inflammation vibration of a headache.  Orderly vibrations such as, thoughts and feelings which create a sense of well being.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can come up with if only you try.”  Dr. Seuss

In Buddhism the basic practice for Pure Awareness is Just Sitting or Skikantaza or Zen, choiceless awareness (Theravada/Vipassana) and formless meditation (Dzogchen, Mahamudra).  With entering pure Awareness we are not concerned to develop anything at all. Not even Awareness.  In fact it’s neither necessary nor possible to develop Awareness.

Meditation is thus a thought free state or pure awareness.


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