Jan 30

Mechanics of Thoughts 000

What you are thinking = your point of attraction for your reality creation.  What is active  in your mind is part of the mix for your manifestations. If you want to be happy but are thinking unhappy thoughts you are short circuiting creating happiness.  What you think and talk about determines what thought circuits are open.  Thoughts and Feelings occur almost simultaneously. The content of my thoughts create the way I feel. That content is our personality which for this discussion is like our computer program.

 That program is comprised of all the things the mind perceives.  The  thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices, decisions and attitudes have been assembled piece by piece by the processing powers of our consciousness. They are the raw materials of reality creation.   Using these materials creates energies and the combinations result in experiences and manifestations; reality, our world and all that is in it.
It is a matrix of energies and forces and information, the seen and the unseen. The brain’s processing powers take the neural blips, sensory perceptions, cognitions in the structures and neural pathways and create thought pathways.  You are constructing ‘thoughtways’ which surprisingly quickly translate into manifestations.

Everything is Energy and the more aware you are of the energy the more mastery you will achieve in your creations. I heard this information a long time ago, but the implementation is an art form. God is never done, he is the Eternal part of Eternity. We are always creating and we are never done. We are creating machines. Non stop all day long.
Becoming a master thinker is creating with a deliberate focus and intention because we know from the double-slit experiment that observing (paying attention to) disturbs subatomic particles who then behave as particles. Persistent attention to desires (or problems) result in it becoming a manifestation.
Thoughts and Feelings generate frequencies. We are vibrational beings. Even Dr. Oz says the future of medicine is Energy medicine. It was suggested I explore Quantum Touch Energy Healing as part of my miracle. They offer online instruction or a listing of practitioners. I have located a practitioner and will blog about my experience. There is a video on the website with interviews before and after a quantum touch session. It is all about energy and vibration.

Our thoughts are transmitted by neurons. They gather information by transmitting electrical impulses along their elongated bodies. These impulses can cause chemical reactions. Lots of depressing thoughts you will experience depression. The brain is an electrically powered,  electricity-generating organ. The transmission of information through the neurons is an electrical process.

The dendrites are like our fingers. They connect with axon terminals sending the information of our thoughts. It is a stream of information, just like a computer program, flowing through our neurons. Neuron by neuron our brains evolved a neural network shaped by problems of survival. Evolution of the brain is marked by an increase in complexity. Complexity provides an organism with the ability to perceive their environment with ever increasing precision and to react to that environment with more versatile and effective responses. When the nerve impulse reaches an axon terminal it causes the release of a chemical (called a neurotransmitter) that travels across the Synapse between a terminal and the dendrite of the neighboring neurons.

Thought is a positive or negatively charged vibration, alternating + and – current that travels through the corridor. The Neurotransmitters pick up the charge and transmit it.  Love the synapse!

Our behavior is the consequence of millions of cells talking to each other via these chemical and electrical processes.

Suggestion for creating thoughtways that produce desired manifestations is to remember that the Law of Attraction does not know the difference between thoughts of what you want and don’t want.  Train your thoughts to focus on what you want.  Talking about what you don’t want should be held to the minimum necessary to develop what you do want.  Focus on the best outcome.

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