Jan 26

Can Our Thoughts Make Us Fat

Do you wonder why some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight.  Well here is an interesting quote from Abraham that is ‘food for thought’.

“Let’s say that you are eating food and feeling guilty about it, and most of you if you are eating food you are feeling guilty about it.  In other words, most of you are having a difficult time finding anything to eat, there’s something wrong with all of it, according to some book somewhere.  And so you have this desire for this physical (countenance), and the reality is something different than your desire.  And your reality is so obvious to you.  It’s obvious to you when you pass a mirror, it’s obvious to you when someone that you care about looks at you, it’s obvious to you by the way your clothes feel.  How you are is obvious to you.  In fact, how you are is dominant in your vibration.

“So you envision a brief run on a beach, dressed in something very scanty and revealing, whether you are male or female, jogging down the beach, knowing you look good, feeling great that you look good, knowing that they know you look good.  Scene is over.

“In other words, you must go that long…or you remember being dressed in something that you felt really good in, and you remember somebody else who you didn’t even know, meeting you in an elevator and saying, “you are really beautiful in that.”  Scene is over.

“You get a sense of it?  In other words, you must find a little snatch…revel in it for a moment and leave.  And what happens is you begin to activate that part of you so much, that now even though a reality is different from what you are living, you have different things activated within you, so everything starts responding to you according to your different activation.

“When you feel fat your food makes you fatter – it does!  When you feel slender your food keeps you slender – it does! You must understand that because you see people eating similarly with very different results, and you say, “oh yeah, it’s their metabolism.” and we say, what do you think metabolism is?!  Metabolism is a vibrational response to your moment in time.  Metabolism is the way the energy is moving through your body, you see.  And so “everything” is in response to the way that you feel.  Everything is.  Everything is mind over matter.” – Abraham 5/11/02 MD

Remember the placebo Effect.


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