Jan 22

A Miracle – The Next Logical Step

Well my miracle is not yet here.  A miracle is the next logical step, much better.  What really matters is the journey and  a miracle is the next logical step.

Deliberate creating is an art form.  There are lots of moving parts to master with  the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.    So if you want physical health how do you create it?

Step 1 Have Strong Faith (Belief) in Miracles.

Here is a lovely quote taken from an article “What to believe about miracles” in Nature Magazine:

“It is not logically valid to use science as an argument against miracles.  To believe that miracles cannot happen is as much an act of faith as to believe that they can happen.  We gladly accept the virgin birth, the Gospel miracles and the resurrection of Christ as historical events…Miracles are unprecedented events.  Whatever the current fashions in philosophy or the revelations of opinion polls may suggest, it is important to affirm that science (based as it is upon the observation of precedents) can have nothing to say on the subject.  Its “laws” are only generalizations of our experience…..” (emphasis added)

We are the creators of our Experience.   We are living it  and believing we are the creator of everything to do with us is empowering for creating a healed state of being.

I went to The Omega Center to see John of God, a Brazilian Healer.  One of his miracles was healing  Bob‘s sight.  After reading the book The Miracle Man. The Life Story of Joao de Deus  Bob decided to go to South America for an instantaneous miracle from this man.  His experience of regaining his sight has led him to take tours to John of God in Brazil. I have been to the Omega Institute twice now to see John of God. Bob is there to Inspire you with his miracle which was not instantaneous but a journey.

Step 2.  Believe you can create a miracle.

I recently introduced myself as seeking a miracle to a wonderful online group  called the  Abe Appreciators who work with the Abraham material.  I received stories of wonderful healings which I will post with their permission.

A common quality was viewing a miracle as a  natural state, the next logical step.    They practiced deliberately creating what they desired and the  natural state of well being and  health was created.  What I would refer to as a ‘miracle’.  I loved this comment,  to remember you are in your body 24 hrs a day.  Like what percentage of the day are you believing and being the miracle that you are seeking.  When there are physical distractions you just do the best you can and say Hey, it is a journey.

Step 3.  Praise your body and give thanks.

When engaging in body rituals add praise and thanks.  Cells have consciousness and respond to the environment they are in.  We are in charge of the environment.  What kind of  home is your body for the cells, organs, etc.  (Thoughts to avoid:  There is no cure.  I can’t do it. Or can I do it?) The cells respond to your beliefs.  If you have not read The Biology of Belief it is at the top of my list of must read books empowering us about our health.   That wonderful email closed with “and lets welcome and allow our bodies to be a beautiful place for our spirit to dwell and experience all the wonders in this amazing physical existence.”

Step 4.  Be Happy

Another response I received was about second guessing your choices, like the should I period.  The pros and cons internal dialogue.  Just be happy with where you are.  This point can be expanded in a thousand directions.  Being happy is the answer.  Find a way to create it.  I am focusing on all the treasures of a healing journey; compassion and caring, responsibility, self love, discipline, perseverance,  self respect, self esteem, patience.

(It’s a miracle that I am doing this blog about  miracles!!)


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