Jan 13

The Day After

That was easy!  I didn’t even take a Tylenol.  Dr. Zwick is excellent.  There is the expected swelling and that is it.

I spoke with my sister last night who is going through the process of diagnosing what is wrong with her spine and the solution.  She received two very different approaches one there is nothing surgically to do.  She has degenerative disk disease.  The other recommends a fusion for instability.  She was quite upset with the doctor who spent five minutes and told her there was nothing he could do for her.

Alright then one way to process these two very different approaches is to be happy with the no surgical solution approach as a way to enhance thoughts that it is not necessary to have surgery and to continue with passive treatments with the belief that all is not that bad and with strengthening through exercise and therapy it will be fine.  Think the best.

The problem is when you are experiencing pain you want it to be fixed and done with.  We think that surgery will fix the problem and we will be better. I am not suggesting a right or wrong answer here.  It is so personal as to where your beliefs are in your process.  What interests me are the thoughts and feelings which surround the experience.  If there were documented case histories of successful healings based on ‘placebo type’ modalities wouldn’t that be your first choice.  I mean who wants a major surgery on their spine.  The fact is there are very poor statistics for spine healings based on any approach.  This motivates me to heal my spine and offer a positive statistic.  You want the pain to end.  You will do whatever to make it stop and pursuing the work of healing on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels is tough when you are not sure that it is even possible.

That is what this is really about.  Anything is possible if you THINK it is.  When there are no prior precedents can you create the precedent.  Maybe…we shall see.

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