Jan 12

Reflections on Self Mastery

Could it be everything is about Self Mastery?  Over the years my  answer to similar questions like What is life about and Why are we here,   included  life is about learning, evolving and having fun.  Personally I enjoy myself when I am creating the greatest vision I have of myself.  I believe that is an interpretation from Conversations with God.

One of my favorite things about being a senior is the wealth of experiences that are accumulated.  We are always desiring more of ourselves, but there is the satisfaction of knowing our accomplishments, where we were and where we are now.  I love having that perspective.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings centered around Self Realization.  The goal to be self realized was so motivating and inspiring at the same time that it brought my attention to not being self realized.  Studies with Lazaris offered very in depth lectures and meditations on all aspects of self realization; self love, self esteem, self respect, self confidence, self worth.

Now self mastery is the term I use to guide myself.  It embraces all the aspects of self.  It does not provide a mental opportunity to  think about what I lack for the very words focus on mastering wherever I am.

Since our ‘what is’ reflects our point of attraction everything that we experience is perfect; the good and the not so good.  It is our feedback on our self mastery.  It is always about us.  Be joyful where you are on your way to where you want to go.  Put your Attention upon where you are going and only focus on that.  Master yourself moment by moment.  Live an inspired life – inspired by your desires which rise out of your experiences.  Imagine it.   Self mastery is  a spiritual challenge.  Only you know the depth of the challenge and the joy of its accomplishment.  That is the fun, learning and evolving.  It is Life which is Eternal.

Maybe a child prodigy is an accumulation of skills collected and  brought into the current incarnation in their fullness.  I like to think that self mastery is for eternity. As I grow my eternal consciousness evolves.



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