Jan 12

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Today

Not a great picture of Plato, but it was taken this weekend and will be my ‘before’ picture.  I have wanted to have this done for several years and am very happy that I have created this.  Aging is not a problem but I choose not to have sad, droopy eyelids.  The goal of the surgery is to give the eyes a more youthful look by removing excess skin from the upper lids.
 Since my surgery isn’t until 2 p.m. I was told I could get up at 5 a.m. and have something small to eat.  I saved some brown rice from dinner and had it at 4 a.m.  Then I had to quell some thoughts about spending money for cosmetic surgery and what if …..  until I fell back to sleep.  I deliberately pictured myself with natural eyes and plenty of product sales.

Waking in the night, particularly if I am in pain,  is the most challenging time to think about what I want not what is.  I am definitely better than I used to be.  I used to listen to guided meditations to stop my mental meanderings.  Whatever works to maintain thoughts and feelings that reflect my desires.


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