Dec 11

Nerve Block

It has been 4 days since my nerve block. The nerve pain is less. The therapist has me keeping record of my pain first thing in the morning, and what triggers pain throughout the day. This is calling my attention to the pain which is counter productive to ignoring it for my deliberate creation of a pain free resonance. This is the challenge to my healing. Balancing what is with what I desire. Doing what is necessary on the physical level while believing my cells are doing their part and I am doing my part to maintain a resonance of well being. It is tricky. My plan is the nerve block will do just that block the nerve pain and I am going to focus on how great I feel. This keeping track is calling my attention to all the things that trigger the pain??

There is huge progress in my Attitude, most of the time. However, last night we went to a neighbor’s house for some Holiday Cheer. They told us about their aging parents who have pain issues (degenerative spine, etc.) and the problems they have because of pain medication. I did ‘think’ about myself 20 years from now in terms of what if I am not successful in creating a miracle. Now I know this thought affected my resonance. Worrying is imagining what you do not want. Very unproductive indeed. Recognize thought patterns, and make a different choice.

I believe anything is possible. It is after all a sea of possibilities and probabilities. Focus on my application of the Law of Attraction. I am so grateful for the pain management that exists today. A relatively painless procedure of a nerve block to assist me in alleviating inflammation of my nerves. Thank you to my therapist, pain doctor and all who are working with me. I received my herbs from John of God but probably won’t start taking them until after Christmas because you cannot have any alcohol. We are leaving Thursday for our vacation and I would like to enjoy a little wine. I am so excited about our trip to Palm Beach.

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