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Angels and Heroes – An Introduction

For the month of December I am going to blog about angels and super heroes. My Christmas Theme and gift to myself and whoever else joins. I will continue to post information about this subject but not with my holiday intensity.

As an introduction to the Hierarchies of angels, a detail from the title page of Heywood’s Hierarchie of the Blessed Angels which I saw in The Blessed Angels by Manly P. Hall. A symbolic representation of the angelic orders surrounding the triune nature of Deity.

Sophy Burnham from “A Book of Angels” writes, “The city of Ur in the Euphrates Valley, about 140 miles from Babylon, was settled around 4000 B.C., flourished around 2500B.C., and continued for another fifteen hundred years or more. There, archeologists have found a stele that depicts a winged figure descending from one of the seven heavens of Summerian belief to pour the water of life from an over flowing jar into the cup of the king. Some scholars say it is the earliest known representation of an angel, but we find other precursors in the giant winged griffins of Mesopotamimia, or in one Egyptian tomb painting that shows a winged Isis…”

The word angel in our Judeo-Christian culture signifies work as a messenger. Other words for angels signify their energy. They are called gods, the sons of god, the holy ones, spirit hosts, cherubim and seraphim. Many artists depict angels as winged beings. Water Nymph by John Atkinson Grimshaw (English) 1836-1893

What interests me about angels are the thoughts and feelings surrounding them. They represent a higher form of consciousness. Pondering what that means lifts our imagination to the ethereal. Whatever turns up our resonance is a good thing, and pondering angels does.

Victoria’s Secret uses beautiful women dressed up as angels and super heroes as a great marketing campaign. Capturing our imagination to become this idealized vision. Angels hold power, beauty, goodness and the best personification we can imagine of heaven and earth meeting.

So here is my December 1 Angel. Bernini’s Esctasy of St. Theresa. A cupid like angel holding an arrow. Theresa collapses overcome with the feeling of God’s love. An amazing work of art. Bernini captures the emotion of love in marble in Theresa’s expression.

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