Nov 30

Healing Process for the Neck

Had an MRI of my cervical spine. It has severe stenosis and a protrubing disc. Met with a therapist and have a new belief about my body being able to recreate a pain free cervical spine. He observed that my natural sitting position has rolled shoulders and my neck and chin forward. He did a series of gentle pulsing pressure on my chin. The pain from the arm gradually left! So amazing that the forward posture is part of the nerve problem. Wow how great is this. Will be doing this series 8x per day.

Had a wonderful trip to Buffalo to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Not in a good routine yet for adding to this blog. Have decided to use lots of images rather than just words. In browsing the net there is so much information on this subject matter. My intention with this blog is to convey meaning through images to cut down on how many words you need to develop the meaning and habits of thought along with activities and instructions organized like a food cookbook but instead it will be a reality creation cookbook.

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