Nov 20

Make Peace With Where You Are

The perfect place to begin right where you are.  You can’t be at Peace unless you are in Peace.

“If you will make peace with where you are you’ll lock onto your signal.  In other words, if you’ll say, “OK here I am.   Good for me.  Not bad for me.  Good for me.  And from where I am I now choose this and this and this.

“If you make peace with where you are, meaning you stop beating up on yourself about it, you stop feeling regret about it, you stop letting it suck the life out of you, you stop letting other people make you feel guilty about it, you stop being defensive about it.

“Feel the difference between “here I am on my way to over there” and “here I am; I’ve been here so long.

“Or, “here I am; I shouldn’t be here: and “here I am; it’s your fault I’m here.

“Here I am and I don’t really want to be here, but here I am and it’s all right.

And “Here I am and it’s temporary.” (ooh that feels good doesn’t it?)

“Here I am in this temporary place on my way to better and better.  Here I am, pleased with who I am on my way with greater clarity to who I really am.

“In other words, you’ve got to find ways to soften your personal perspective of where you are because where you are is the signal that you’re beaming.  And you’ve got to lock on to the signal.  You have to find a way of linking up with this Source Energy.  When you don’t, you’re off your signal.

“Source Energy believes that well being should be yours.  When you don’t, you are off the signal.  Source Energy adores you.  Source Energy knows about your well-being.  Source Energy expects good things to come.  And when you don’t, you’re off the signal.  Nothing is more important than that you feel good because the way you feel is your indication of your signal.”

Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC 10/24/04


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