Nov 17

Gluten-Free Again

Since I allowed myself an occasional pizza, shortbread cookie, croutons, and rolls over the last several weeks I also have been having lots of aches and pains. Took me awhile to decide to test if gluten was the cause. So I eliminated all gluten and in just several days I am BETTER. It is incredible to me that gluten makes such a difference. Particularly since I was tested for gluten intolerance and the results came back negative for Celiac. I am thinking that maybe if I were to continue to disregard the warnings from my body that over time I would develop celiac. My dream for this is to create a body that is not sensitive to gluten. In the meantime, I will avoid it and enjoy the effect it has on my weight and muscles.

Yesterday we had the ducts cleaned in the house. We have never had them cleaned and it is 17 years that we are living here now. Sears had a special 20 ducts for $339. After at least a year of waking in the night with a headache I got the idea that maybe it was the ducts. They use a camera to show you the condition of the ducts and said they were really bad which they identify with Level One – Three. Ours being at a Three. From there they inform you that if the coil and blower isn’t cleaned it will all just come back. Then it was it will also return if you don’t install 2 UV lights, particularly since we live in wetlands. The great deal is now just under $2,000. The good news is no headache.

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