Nov 16

Field of Play

As an artist I like images to accompany the information.  It helps me to be clear on the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions and the energies that I will need such as discipline, patience and perseverance.

The more clarity the more deliberate and predictable the outcome.  Your resonance is critical to accomplishing your desire.  This is frustrating to me but it is the way it is,  you must be a vibrational match to what you want.  In my case, I was born with a physical problem but I still have to be a vibrational match to being healthy and pain free.  So I made a list of the qualities of health and well being.

  • Comfortable in your body
  • Attention is not on pain and discomfort
  • Fit and strong
  • Happy
  • Good diet
  • Enjoying life

Chronic pain can create depression.  The first time I heard Abraham tell someone that even though they were experiencing pain from an arthritic hip was not a reason to be unhappy.  I thought of course.  The idea here is to experience what you desire before you have created it.  I love this statement which I believe was made by Lazaris.   It is not verbatim so no quotes.  The steps of getting there are the same as being there.

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