Nov 14

Being Positive, Courageous and Responsible

Evidence of the power of positive thinking is everywhere I look today.

I called sister #4 this morning to find out how she is  because of an ongoing health problem.  It doesn’t matter what the problem is, what matters is what you are thinking and feeling about the problem and when there are several problems at once the knee jerk response is to feel overwhelmed  and worried, which is how she was feeling.  The solution though lies in understanding you have the power to choose thoughts that will soothe you into a place where you can deliberately choose thoughts that give you relief, hope and eventually a solution.  So we did that together and by the afternoon her spirits had lifted.

The movie Troy with Brad Pitt has this scene where Orlando Bloom, who plays the Prince of Troy kidnaps the beautiful wife of the King of Sparta which (duh!) leads to the Greeks sending Brad Pitt and their entire armada to Troy.  A bargain is offered for the Prince and King to fight to the death.  Reluctantly the Prince agrees but as soon as he gets injured he crawls back to his brother, Eric Bana for help.  Well that is the way I think a lot of us respond to our extremely terrible reality creations.  Someone help me!!  I can’t do this.  Of course, the retreat of the Prince led to a decade long siege of Troy and you know the end of the story.

Being Responsible for your reality is empowering. It is always your creation.  I didn’t always believe that everything was my creation.  There will be plenty of information here to explain all that in time.

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars they gave the story for each star.  All of them spoke about experiences in their life which made them into a strong person ready to be their best.  Interesting how it was their  tragedies that created their personal power.  JR is a perfect example of a terrible tragedy. A disfigurement that could have prevented him from being in the public but instead he has created an amazing person that is acting and maybe the winner of Dancing with the Stars. That is part of what that is about.  Would we choose the tragedy?  There are as many reasons why stuff happens as there are tragedies.  Maybe it was to experience being a hero, or maybe to teach through example, or to demonstrate the power of belief.  It can be discussed from many levels, but for now it is wonderful to know that there is power, strength, compassion, caring and understanding inside of what appears to be an awful reality.  It is what we do with it and that is what it is about.

The last show was  Diane Sawyer’s interview with Gabby Gifford’s husband who has coauthored the book Gabby: A Story of Courage & Hope. He said that she was a person who could fully recover and showed footage from the beginning of the way he worked with her.  He said Optimism is a form of healing and focused thinking only on her recovery.  Now this is going to have an amazing outcome!!


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