Nov 11

The Beginning – Where You Are

Journal Entry
The perfect place to start my first online journal entry, where I am. My current focus is to deliberately create a pain free spine. This morning I went to my aqua fitness class. Got the results of my MRI which confirms my suspicion that stenosis is compressing nerves in my neck, shoulder and arm. Worked lower body and felt great that I worked out. The key is to pay attention to what feels good. The doctor who performed the nerve study last week explained that inflammation is causing tendonitis in addition to the nerve compression. Inflammation is the culprit for arithritis, bursitis basically all conditions ending with itis. No cure, so the usual approach is to mask the symptoms. He prescribed a compounding pharmacy create a topical cream with pain meds. This avoids the stomach and kidney side effects of taking pain meds internally. Good to create some comfort with the masking, but my interest is in getting to the root of the problem.

Inflammation to me means a response to some irritation like joints that have been used too much, an old injury, toxins, stress. I Believe it is possible to create a different environment in the body. It is my intention to provide the information that supports this belief. For now, my inner dialogue is strong in supporting the work of my 50 million cells to create a new pattern in response to my ever improving inner environment.

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